Hi, my name is Floki!

Hi, my name is Floki! I’m Elon Musk’s beloved (virtual) dog. Of course I’m Shibu Inu 🐶 😎.

Why did my father name me Floki? I think because in Norse Baby Names the meaning of the name Floki is a heroic Viking 🛡🪓💪 But maybe not, so why don’t you just ask him on Twitter? 🤔🙃

Why Should You BUY FLOKI NOW?

Floki is the son of Elon Musk, and Elon will shill for his son. Fathers need to protect their kids and love to share about them on social media. As the son of Elon, I am no exception. 😏

There are copycats of Floki, but I'm the only one that is not built to pump and dump. We have a real team behind this coin, real use cases & utility, and the marketing skills to take us to the moon 🚀 Just check our website versus the copycats and think hard 🤔 about where you should invest your valuable BNBs.

You missed Doge, Baby Doge, and Shiba Inu... but we JUST STARTED. We can help you reach the moon! 👨‍🚀🌕

Deflationary 5% from every transaction is going to be redistributed among holders and 5% from every transaction going to Liquidity Pool. (10% deflationary)

All dogs deserve a home. Unfortunately, not all dogs have a home. Our token was created to help homeless dogs – each month we will donate $$$ to a charity chosen by the community.

Floki vs. the others

Market Cap Auto Staking Rewards Save Dogs Father Elon Cuteness Level Age
FLOKI ??? 5% 1 000 000 <1 day
Baby Doge Coin $1.6B 5% 9 000 22 days
Shiba Inu $3.4B 5 000 312 days
DOGECOIN $30B 100 2 756 days

Floki Grows in your wallet!

All holders of Floki will earn more Floki coins that automatically simply by holding. Watch the amount of Floki grow in your wallet as all holders automatically receive a 5% fee from every transaction that happens on the Floki network.

Road Map

Phase 1


  • 🐶  Floki is born. Not the first, but better than the copycats!
  • 🐶  Launch Floki token on PancakesSwap
  • 🐶  Submitting to Coingecko & CMC
  • 🐶  Reach 5 000 Telegram members

Phase 2

Let's Play

  • 🐶  Influencer marketing push
  • 🐶  Third party audit
  • 🐶  Donate $$$ to an organization that helps dogs
  • 🐶  BIG MEME Floki ready for shilling
  • 🐶  Token Airdrops
  • 🐶  Official Floki Merch Store

Phase 3

Learning Tricks

  • 🐶  Website Redesign
  • 🐶  Listings on major cex
  • 🐶  Large influencer marketing push
  • 🐶  Token Airdrops #2


Floki is an entirely community driven project. Completely Rug Free.

Initial Supply

  • ✅  1000.000.000.000 initial supply = 1000B
  • ✅  Stealth fair launch
  • ✅  LP locked for 12 months
  • ✅  Auto-liquidity generated with every trade and loaded into PancakeSwap


  • ♻️  5% of all trades are redistributed to holders
  • 🔓  5% of all trades are auto-locked inside liquidity provider on PancakeSwap

Burn Floki thresholds

  • 👉  BURN 25B if we reach 2 000 holders
  • 👉  BURN 50B if we reach 5 000 holders
  • 👉  BURN 100B if we reach 7 500 holders
  • 👉  BURN 150B if we reach 10 000 holders
  • 👉  BURN 200B if we reach 15 000 holders


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